Wednesday, June 2, 2010

raising money, y'all!

So one day while Dave got ready to go on a training ride, I began freaking out about how low my fundraising thermometer was and decided to do something about it! I took my bike, the stationary bike trainer thingy I borrowed from Russ, and my boombox down to the Ferry Building Farmer's Market. I also took this time to test out my red dress.
Day 5 on the ride: red dress day! Or just dress-in-red, if you're boring. ;)

It was mostly fun & successful but there was definitely some stranger-danger weirdness sprinkled throughout the 3-4 hours I pedaled by myself- nothing super hateful or anything worth repeating. This youngster in the black shirt hopped on the bike when I got off to stretch... um, OK:
Dave & I had been planning to sell rainbow cupcakes with cloud frosting in the park for ages, but the weather never cooperated. It has been a wet spring here. So we finally did cupcakes & brownies for a bakesale at work-- actually, it was Dave who did it. One of my co-workers, Mary, also made a ton of brownies and homemade coffee cakes that she brought in on her day off! Unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera to work. I sooo should have! 
Dave, the baker. Who knew? I was running late so he just started... and then whipped up some frosting & finished them.

homemade vanilla butter cream frosting yo!

I put the yummy goods on a trolley, like a dim sum cart, & took them around to all the different departments, covering several floors. I was actually a little nervous since I didn't know many people in the other departments personally. I could not believe how supportive people were! Almost everyone had words of encouragement since many had done the ride before, are doing it again with me, or had/were working as a roadie- they are the ones who haul everything & set up everything & feed you & work as "sweeps" who pick you up if you are having heat stroke &/or start to totally freak out. 

I raised a whole bunch of dollars that day. And I continued to get online donations when I got home- and some of the spouses worked for companies who had matching gift programs! There were people who did not want a baked good because they were dieting or were allergic to gluten-- but still donated!  I heart you, SFAF! 

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