Sunday, January 24, 2010

rain, rain, go away...

So we went to a training ride this weekend. A lovely co-worker Russ was generous enough to lend me his wife's bike, and I tested it out on a wet, cold, but a-ok bike ride home from work Friday evening. Saturday morning, we woke up to drizzle but we were ready. We went to our designated spot in Golden Gate Park , met our very energetic trainer who taught us about gears, shifting, and then promptly cancelled the ride because the skies had opened up and it began to pour.

Dave signing in

that is very energetic & fabulous Kurt in the center... and the rain starting to come down

me pretending I'm prepared... it's really starting to pour

no bueno

so we biked home

action shot thru the panhandle

guess I'll go home & watch a twin peaks marathon?

Well, we tried. We were going to ride 21.14 miles around town. We will begin to train hard soon. Thanks for checking out our blog. We promise more exciting stuff to come! peace, anne