Saturday, February 13, 2010

the *real* first training ride

So we were rained out for the official ride with the training team but we made it out to the indoor (dry) kickoff party.  There were co-workers giving out info about SF AIDS Foundation, crazy aerial dancers, and amazing prizes that we didn't win- dang it. It was fun, but dark so my pictures didn't turn out too great. But here is one of Dave: 

We took time this week to go to an orientation after work. Did you know you're not suppose to wear your underoos under your bike shorts? Well, now we know. We also used these rainy days to stock up on some new & somewhat scary & confusing gear like Dave's cycling shoes for the clipless pedals. Don't ask me:

Anne got a shiny new ring, er, bike light.

So by January 30th, it looked like it was finally clearing up and we decided to do last week's route on our own. It began right near our house and we might have been avoiding a group activity. Sometimes when I'm trying something new and challenging and I'm wearing all spandex, I really don't like having many (any) witnesses around. But we did it! 22 miles, y'all.

Here are some photo highlights from the ride. Had there been audio, you would have heard some oohs & ahhs and a few many choice curse words along the way. Shocking. I know. Is this why you have to be 18 or older to do the ride?
In the beginning, there was a dirty basement/laundry room/bike storage full of clean, smiling people.

I (Anne) struggled up a short, steep hill to get to the gates of the Presidio, but whatever. This is a gorgeous place. I go on walks in the woods here with my friend Ciara when I need to clear my head and it works like a charm-- every. time. If you live here or find yourself nearby, I highly recommend hiking or biking through this gorgeous treasure of a park: The Presidio

Inspiration Point, looking out over forests of eucalyptus & redwood trees, out over the bay, Angel Island, and Alcatraz.  
Washington Blvd, Presidio. 

snack break while staring at Marin Headlands. See the little trees on top of Mt. Tam? We will be peddling up there really soon. Gulp.

Obligatory Golden Gate Bridge shot. 
Top of horrible hill where my chain popped off, and even though it didn't break, I almost started crying. If you look closely, you can see the stupid Golden Gate Bridge on the far right-hand side. Ugh.
Dave feeling a little more confident. In front of the Legion of Honor. This just in:

DIAMONDS! And then... 

downhill. woo-hoo! 

seaside lunch of bicycle map, almonds, and an apple. 

along the Great Highway.

We went around Lake Merced which involves crossing a bunch of scary traffic and looping around a sad lake with people shooting guns at the Pacific Rod & Gun Club- not at us, but still a tad disconcerting. Somewhere along the ride home I realized I hadn't packed quite enough electrolytes and if I didn't get home & drink chocolate milk, someone may have to die. No lives were lost. I am super gross & sweaty in this picture but we did our 1st 22 miles!